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We here at Commerce Inspector are constantly working to help entrepreneurs by improving the data and features available to our users. We are excited to launch a major update to Commerce Inspector. $1 Trial. No More Risk. Still on the fence about upgrading to a paid plan? We’ve removed all the risk by offering a $1 trial for 3 days. … Read More

4 Aliexpress Products with $100k+ Revenue Last Month

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Entrepreneurs are increasingly achieving financial freedom by combining Shopify with AliExpress Dropshipping to kickstart their e-commerce business. For those new to the concept, shop owners are finding products from AliExpress, adding them to their Shopify store at a comfortable margin, and using Facebook to drive sales. There are countless examples of hit products that generate tens of thousands of dollars … Read More

Commerce Inspector Pro – Revenue Data for Unlimited Stores

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Today, we are proud to launch to the public our most premium plan: Commerce Inspector Pro. Finally, you can see revenue in the past 7 days for unlimited stores. We also include our Commerce Inspector web app, enabling product search across all of Shopify. Featuring the most-requested features by our customers, our Pro Plan is the best-in-class tool for e-commerce … Read More