What is Commerce Inspector?

Commerce Inspector is an browser extension that shows deep under-the-cover insights about stores. Simply visit a store and click the extension to reveal top products, apps, and trends. Commerce Inspector is available for Google Chrome on Mac or Windows PC.

How much does Commerce Inspector cost?

The basic plugin is FREE. This gives access to product insights, apps, traffic sources, social links, and all-time bestselling products for any store.

For as little as $49 / month, you can subscribe to stores to see actual sales figures and top selling products from the previous week.

Our Enterprise Pro offering starts at $499 / month and gives access to revenue data for unlimited stores. The Pro plan also includes access to the web app, offering top selling product, sales, and app data across the entire ecosystem.

Where do you get the data from?

Commerce Inspector analyzes “signals” from every store and matches them against known artifacts put together by our researchers to identify properties about a site. Kind of like “BuiltWith” or “Datanyze” but for e-commerce stores.

To determine store sales, Commerce Inspector uses its propriety machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms across a variety of signals from public sources including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.

How accurate is the data?

Like any other competitive research tool, our estimates are based on triangulating multiple sources of data to predict revenue and unit sales. We are constantly improving how we blend this data together to infer sales and revenue. While we cannot claim to be 100% correct, our customers have consistently given us positive feedback about the accuracy of our data.

Can I unsubscribe to a store and use that slot for a different store?

Yes, you can unsubscribe to a store 30 days after you subscribe, directly from your Account page. This is to prevent users from constantly subscribing and unsubscribing to stores and thereby getting access to more data.

If you subscribed to a store in error and want us to unsubscribe before 30 days have gone by, simply contact us.

What’s your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time and we will not bill you for future months. Simply contact us. Our policy does not allow us to offer refunds.