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4 Aliexpress Products with $100k+ Revenue Last Month

Entrepreneurs are increasingly achieving financial freedom by combining Shopify with AliExpress Dropshipping to kickstart their e-commerce business. For those new to the concept, shop owners are finding products from AliExpress, adding them to their Shopify store at a comfortable margin, and using Facebook to drive sales. There are countless examples of hit products that generate tens of thousands of dollars in profit. But, for every hit, there are dozens of failed product launches.

For customers who specialize in AliExpress Dropshipping, finding the hit product opportunities is the most important part. This is where Commerce Inspector shortcuts your product research. Specifically, Commerce Inspector helps you find the right combination of market demand, margin, and longevity to decide which products you should invest your time and ad budget on.

We wanted to give you an example of the types of product insights that Commerce Inspector can surface.

Drawstring Bra

This product started to take off around mid-February, with several stores seeing success with the same or comparable product. Two stores did more than $10K+ last week this product and 9 stores did between $5-10K. Given the large market size, shops that have figured out the right advertising strategy have all been able to see success.

That said, not everyone who has tried have gotten the formula right. For example, a store priced this product at $9.99 in an attempt to undercut the market but hasn’t seen that price point generate enough sales. One can speculate that the reduced gross profit margins means that there is little to be spent on ads.

First launched: Mid-February (~50 days ago)

LED Valve Lights

While various stores experimented with LED valve caps in late 2016, stores achieved hit-level success in mid-March 2017. Driven by strong Facebook success, three stores have drove more than $8K last week in LED valve cap sales, including one store that generated $30K! Even with 5 additional stores clearing $1K in sales for the first time last week, the momentum of this product has yet to show saturation.

Hair Bun

This product was first sold from Brazil, mainly internationally for over two years. However, this product did not really take off until March 2017 on the Facebook channel. Sales for this product continue as it brought in $12.5K of revenue last week for this shop. Given the success of this product, other stores have tried to sell the same or comparable product. However, no other store has found hit-level success with the product thus far.

Charcoal Skin Mask

Charcoal masks started trending in December 2016. This consumer trend has shown tremendous staying power since then. In just the last week, 4 stores sold more than $10K and 7 stores sold $5-10K on this product alone.

A recent success story is a beauty-focused shop that launched in February that made $100K+ off this product and brought in $22K just last week. We’ve seen both beauty-focused shops and novelty-focused shops have been successful with this product. In the example of that shop, this product drove $17K of revenue in the last 7 days.