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Commerce Inspector Pro – Revenue Data for Unlimited Stores

Today, we are proud to launch to the public our most premium plan: Commerce Inspector Pro. Finally, you can see revenue in the past 7 days for unlimited stores. We also include our Commerce Inspector web app, enabling product search across all of Shopify. Featuring the most-requested features by our customers, our Pro Plan is the best-in-class tool for e-commerce businesses to maintain their competitive edge.

What Do You Get?

Check out just a few of the valuable competitive advantages that our customers can get with Pro:

  • See revenue and top selling products for unlimited stores: Unlock new features in the Chrome plugin. See the past week’s highest grossing products and storewide sales so you can find out what’s actually selling.
  • NEW Web App – Find all shops that sell a specific product: Search our catalog of over 300,000 stores and 20 million products for a broad term such as “leggings” or specific term such as “blackhead remover” to find every shop that sells that product.
  • Search within shops to find products in your niche: After finding every shop that sells your product of choice, you can dig deeper to see the revenue and units sold of each product listing in a particular store. This way, you can easily find new potential hits and avoid products with too much saturation.
  • Find and learn from trending and top shops: View our proprietary lists of bestselling and fastest-growing shops, which will help you quickly learn what products and best practices are driving their success.

Check out Commerce Inspector Pro today, and stay ahead of your competition!