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Introducing our $1 Trial. Cross-Store Search. Discover Trending Stores.

We here at Commerce Inspector are constantly working to help entrepreneurs by improving the data and features available to our users. We are excited to launch a major update to Commerce Inspector.

$1 Trial. No More Risk.

Still on the fence about upgrading to a paid plan? We’ve removed all the risk by offering a $1 trial for 3 days. For just $1, you can sign up for for the 3 Store Subscription plan, giving you access to sales data for 3 stores. After 3 days, the $49 / month pricing kicks in. But, don’t worry, you can cancel with a click of a button if you are unsatisfied for any reason. Sign up soon, since this offer only lasts through the end of May.

Get This Offer For Just $1

Pro Features for Everyone: Search, Top Shops, Related Shops

Researching your competition is important for everyone, not just enterprise-level companies. That’s why we are opening up the Commerce Inspector Pro Dashboard to all paid users, whether you are at the $49 or $499 plan.

  • Access to Pro Dashboard: Check it out at
  • Product Search: Find products across all stores and sort by top stores by traffic
  • Top Stores: See the most researched stores
  • Related Shops: Through the Chrome extension, find shops with the same advertising pixels, and shops that are viewed by other users.
  • And more!

New and Improved Search!

We rebuilt our cross-store search based on your feedback. Now, when you search for a term, say “phone case”, you see a list of all shops carrying phone cases, sorted by store popularity. We will also show you trending searches so you’ll never be left behind.

Improved Sales Accuracy and Coverage

Our engineers and data scientists have spent countless hours improving the accuracy of sales data and coverage across stores. Our estimates incorporate many factors that are standard to conducting market research and demand forecasting for Fortune 500 brands. Our estimates are also improving over time as we better calibrate our prediction algorithms against these factors.

As always, if you have any feedback, requests, or questions for us, don’t hesitate to reach us at

Thanks as always,

The Commerce Inspector Team