Essential Insights for Any Merchant

All the insights and inspiration you need to scale and grow your store

One-Click Bestsellers

View a store’s best selling products with a single click. No more digging through source code or typing different URLs.

Traffic & Social Media Insights

One-click easy to  find traffic and social insights from SimilarWeb straight from the plugin.

Product Insights

Maintain your competitive edge. Our charts tell you exactly when products are launched, and what tags are showing success

Apps & Tools

Apps and third party tools are often the “secret sauce” for the most successful stores. Discover the apps you didn’t even know you needed to perfect your own secret sauce

Free, Powerful Browser Plugin

Use our Chrome plugin free, forever. Light up insights for any store with just one click as you browse.

Premium Insights for the Serious Competitor Starting at Only $49
a Month

For the serious merchant looking to break free from the pack, Commerce Inspector’s premium tools offer unparalleled insights.

Reveal Store Sales Data

Reveal revenue estimates and unit sales figures for the past week for 847,984 stores. Monitor trends or find out what’s actually selling now.

Identify Hit Products Easily

Don’t get left behind. Build a better business by having the hottest products. Store Intelligence helps you identify high-performing products on your competitors’ stores as soon as they take off.

Search Products Across All Shops

Search our catalog of over 847,984 stores and 21 million products to find the stores that sell the products you care about.

Search within shops to find products in your niche, and reveal the revenue and units sold in the past week.

Search Apps & Tools

Discover the most powerful apps and tools to help boost your sales. Find all of the shops that use the apps you care about.

Ad Campaign Tracking and Insights

Gain insights and inspiration by following any store's Facebook and Instagram ads. Track when an ad is activated, deactivated, and for how long it ran. Plus, easily reference historical ads.