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Find Products That Are Actually Selling

Store Intelligence is a powerful feature of Commerce Inspector that reveals the top selling products that are in-demand and actually selling.

Analyze Competitors’ Sales

Reveal true revenue and unit sales figures for the past week for any store. Find out what’s actually selling now.

Find out whether the stores that crushed it during the holidays are still doing well.

Identify Hit Products Easily

Don’t get left behind. Build a better business by having the hottest products.

Say goodbye to manual research and save your precious time for things that matter. Store Intelligence helps you identify high-performing products on your competitors’ stores as soon as they take off.

Discover New Competitors

These days, having intelligence on a single competitor is not enough. Our proprietary algorithms identify stores with similar products, advertising, and sales.

You can also see stores that share the same advertising pixel, and stores that over users are researching.

Use Related Stores to monitor active, high-performing stores you didn’t know about.

Search Products From All Shops

Search our catalog of over 300,000 stores and 20 million products to find the stores that selling the products you care about.

Build a better business with the best product intelligence.

What you get with a Subscription

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All plans get you the following intelligence for each store:

  • Connector.

    Storewide Revenue and Sales in Past Week

    Keep track of your subscribed stores based on actual sales and not gimmicks and slick homepages

  • Connector.

    Best-selling Products In Past Week

    Uncover the sales revenue and units sold for the products that actually sold in the past week

  • Connector.

    Always Up to Date Sales Data

    Our intelligence is constantly updating so you can catch trends as they happen

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    Access to Pro Dashboard

    Search products across the stores, discover trending stores, find stores based on app usage

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Interested in Unlimited Stores?

Our Enterprise PRO version offers sales data for unlimited stores in addition to deep analytics, search, and trends for the e-Commerce ecosystem.